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We make games as good as they can be, using kickstarter and a global vision.

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We make good games from Australia, and wherever else we find them.

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And we make them for everyone who likes good games, wherever they are.

About Good Games Publishing

We publish fun, high quality tabletop games. Some will be rich thematic experiences, others more brain bending puzzles, and maybe some will be party games.

We are based in Sydney, Australia, have a background in distribution and retail of hobby games, and an international focus on game development. Many of our games will be from Australian designers, but we’ll publish games from designers anywhere if we are a good fit for each other.

Our first game Monstrous was born from a successful Kickstarter project and we will continue to use Kickstarter to test, fund, and market many of our games, but we’ll also be looking to publish some games via traditional publishing models.

Our goal is to get fun, creative games out into the world to be enjoyed by everyone.